Wild Wes Videos

If you are unable to view the YouTube video, you can download the Wild Wes demo video (4.6MB .mov file).

Here is a brief demo video of a live Wild Wes performance at the San Diego Zoo that features clips of three songs.

First up is Talk With the Animals. You'll see and hear how the audience joins in with some enthusiastic animal sounds!

Next is an audience favorite, The Vertebrate Classification Song. It's a call-and-response tune in which Wes hauls five unsuspecting grown-ups on stage to pantomime the characteristics of the five vertebrate classes. Watch closely as "Mr. Mammal," "Ms. Reptile," and "Ms. Amphibian" strut their stuff!

Finally, we have Recycling's Cool! While learning of the benefits of recycling paper and aluminum, one half of the audience tries to out-shout the other with, "Recycling's cool!" and "Don't be a fool!"

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