About Wild Wes

Wes Mason

Awesome music for kids about wildlife and conservation

Growing up in San Diego, California, "Wild" Wes Mason frequented the San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld. As an adult, he spent several years working for the education departments of both parks. Today, as a singer and songwriter, he's combined his love of music with his passion for conservation. The result is fun-filled, entertaining music that teaches kids and their families about wildlife and conservation.

"Most importantly, I create music that people really enjoy," Wes explains. He writes music in a variety of styles, including rock, country, blues, folk, and even reggae. "The message is important, and the only way people are going to hear it is if they enjoy listening to the songs.

"You'll find no campy nursery rhymes in my music. My stuff is intelligent and fun. Sure, my primary target audience is kids, but I want adults to like the music, too."

Just watch a live Wild Wes performance. Wes engages his audience, and gives them plenty of opportunity to interact through singing, movement, and even animal sounds. That includes the adults, too. In fact, one of Wes's favorite show elements involves bringing five unsuspecting adult volunteers on stage during "The Vertebrate Classification Song." It's one of the kids' favorite parts of the show as well. To describe any more here would spoil the surprise!

In addition to live stage performances, Wild Wes has just released his first CD, Save the World. It features ten toe-tapping original tunes, produced by Jake Kovach, and is sure to become a hit.

When not on stage or in the recording studio, Wes enjoys spending time outdoors. Fortunately, his hometown of San Diego affords plentiful opportunity to do so. One of his favorite places to go hiking is Torrey Pines State Reserve, next door to his alma mater, University of California, San Diego. Also close by is La Jolla Cove, one of the most picturesque spots in California. Some of Wes's favorite memories are of kayaking and snorkeling in the cove amongst dozens of leopard sharks - which was almost as cool as cage diving off the coast of southern California with mako and blue sharks. What a thrill!

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