Save the World

Save the World by Wild Wes

The debut Wild Wes album, Save the World, is awesome music with an important message about wildlife and conservation.

Save the World is for kids, but there are no campy nursery rhymes here. The album features ten original, toe-tapping tunes that kids (and grown-ups) love.

Wild Wes knows that parents are looking for wholesome entertainment for their children. He delivers that and more with clever, educational lyrics, and melodies and instrumentation that rival today’s most popular artists.

This album includes a little something for everyone by featuring several different musical styles from rock, to blues, to reggae, to country.

Click on the links below to hear a sample of each of the songs!

Around the World - A jumping classic rock tune that visits four different habitats and the animals that live there. (Lyrics)

Talk with the Animals - An upbeat rockabilly song featuring real animal sounds, including Wild Wes’s favorite vocalization: the koala bellow. (Lyrics)

Recycling’s Cool! - An upbeat country tune with a sing-along chorus that touts the advantages of recycling paper and aluminum. (Lyrics)

The Legend of Colossus Proboscis - A classic cowboy western song that tells the tall tale of a cowboy with a nose like an elephant’s trunk. (Lyrics)

Mento and Rocky - A righteous reggae groove that sings of a Jamaican iguana that visits his cousin in California. There, he learns about things kids can do to protect the planet. (Lyrics)

The Conservation Blues - A seriously rocking blues riff that rhymes even more actions that kids can take to protect the planet. (Lyrics)

The Vertebrate Classification Song - A sing-along folk song about the characteristics of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish. (Lyrics)

Turn it Loose - An acoustic rock power ballad that promotes a new philosophy about making Earth-friendly choices. (Lyrics)

Funny Looking - A bouncy folk tune that tells the tale of a guy who goes to the zoo, and makes the mistake of laughing at some funny looking animals. (Lyrics)

Save the World - The title track, this kicking power ballad shows that the first step to protecting the planet is looking inside your heart. The second verse paraphrases a famous quote from African conservationist Baba Dioum. (Lyrics)


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